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Explore Hopkins Virtually: Understanding the JHU's Commitment to International Students & the Holistic Review Process
Hosted by: Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University's commitment to its international students has grown substantially over the past few years. We as in institution remain committed to recruiting and enrolling the best and brightest international students across the globe. Come learn about the unique Johns Hopkins student and academic experience, determine if JHU is the ideal match for you, and set yourself up for future success in JHU's highly selective holistic admissions process.

About Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University was the first research university and remains the most funded research university in the United States. With our commitment to innovation and collaboration, undergraduates are able to produce world-class knowledge while crafting a student experience that uniquely meets their specific needs and ambitions. The university's commitment to its student, our student's commitment to one another, as well as the limitless opportunities at your fingertips make Johns Hopkins University an exciting and prestigious option for those looking to build a lasting and global legacy.
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